Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet, sweet randomness....

Oh dear blog... how I have missed you!!!! I have had such great intentions of posting, but something ALWAYS comes up and then my creative juices are gone! :( Anyway, over the past .... oh, who knows how long, we have had lots of fun finishing up Mother's Day Out, T-ball, Dave Ramsey garage sale, 1 day trip to the beach, kindergarten registration, our 8th anniversary, and summer..... and a wild and crazy 2 year old! I apologize for the randomness of this post and I promise I will get it together and post more frequently.... and my posts will stick to their original topic! haha!

Barrett climbed onto the counter to wash all of the mud off of his feet after playing in puddles he made with the water hose..... what a helpful boy! HA! This is just how I found him!!!

I might have been a tad too busy to blog because I have A VERY BUSY 2 YR OLD BOY.... who loves to eat his cereal on the floor!!!! Don't worry, son, Mommy has nothing else to do besides cleaning up cinnamon toast crunch off of the hardwood floors!

And this might be how we have some super cost effective fun at the Clayton House when Mother's Day Out is not is session! :) Macey and Barrett doing a little dress up..... I'm gonna give you one guess who the costume designer might be!

My sweet , sweet girl on her way to Kindergarten screening! Mrs. Parker took Macey to her room and spent a few minutes with her. When I met them in the hall, Mrs. Parker showed me what she wrote on Macey's screening sheet...... just one word.... CONFIDENT! :) Macey wrote 15 words and spelled them all correctly..... she is so ready for school, but is Sequoyah ready for her? .... And what will Barrett and I do all day without her!?!

Macey, Barrett, and I had so much fun at VBS the first week of June. I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends that I got to hang out with during the week and loved planting seeds of God's word in so many little lives. Macey and Barrett had a great time learning about God and making new friends. They both had wonderful teachers who just loved on them all week. I really thought I was volunteering just so they could go to preschool VBS, but God really blessed me during the week too. .... On a less serious note: All staff and children were asked to buy shirts, and as a mom, it did get a little hectic making sure all of our clothes were washed AND dried in time each morning, but that little blue shirt may have been the high-light of Barrett's week. Every day he would wake up and say, "My bible tory chirt? " (Interpretation: Do I get to wear my Bible Story Shirt again? ..... for some reason he called it bible story instead of school.... but it was just precious!)

Well, this is how I found Barrett at about 10 am today. I am not really pushing the potty training bit..... I think I'm really afraid of the whole undertaking! But he is a little interested in it. Today he told me he needed to potty and I told him that I would take him to my bathroom in just a minute. Apparently, he couldn't wait.... or didn't want to, so this is what I walked in to find. He took a detour in the kitchen, grabbed himself a couple of pringles, and went to sit on the potty! :) This little boy sure keeps me on my toes!.... or maybe my knees!

Needless to say, thank you Kelly's Korner for the chocolate bundt cake recipe. I haven't had this in years ..... and to treat myself for surviving the last few weeks, we all enjoyed nice, warm pieces with ice cream tonight.

Once again, I know this is a very random post, but I just wanted to share a few things that have kept us busy lately. I cherish every day I spend with Macey and Barrett and am so proud to be their mommy. It truly is the best job ever! ....