Saturday, February 26, 2011

CuStOm AdDrEsS StAmPs

Well, I know that it has been almost like forever since I blogged, but .... I'm back! I really don't think I have blogged since we found out we were going to have our 3rd child .... back in October! :( I was really sick through the first half of this pregnancey.... and I have kinda been busy with life! I have been taking lots of pics, so I will do some updates, to catch everyone up!

Today, my post is about the CUSTOM ADDRESS STAMPS I design and sell. I am so loving making new designs and doing custom orders. Each stamp is self inking, and I can get ink in just about any color imaginable! They are refillable too, so they will last forever! I am posting some of my biggest sellers but please visit my etsy store at for my entire collection!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to create a custom address stamp just for you!!!! :)
PS.... see my last post from 100 years ago about my handpainted, personalized notecards!