Friday, October 1, 2010

Dining Room Details and Decor....

Well, welcome back to Kelly's Korner Tour of Homes. My baby sis, Erin, got married last weekend so I am doubling up with my master bedroom pics at the bottom of this post. Cause I was a tad too busy to blog! :)

Ok, I'm just gonna start out with pure honesty! One of my top priorities I had in designing our house before we built 2.5 years ago was for the dining room to be the first thing you see! We are the kind of people who LIVE in our house, so our Living room is very used!.... and sometimes looks like we have children..... or are having a garage sale in there. For me the dining room is the easiest room in the house to keep clean, therefore I needed it to be the first thing seen from my foyer.

This is the arrangement I have on my table. It is a wire candle hurricane that I added some floral foam and moss to build the base. Originally, I just had the yellow flowers and the grass and ivy, but when we moved in I updated it a tad with some 1/2 price Hobby Lobby finds.

This is the view from the corner of the living room (where the carpet starts). We have hardwood floors in the foyer, dining room, kitchen, and breakfast area.

This pic is taken from the right corner of the dining room. I love how we put the slanted cased-opening from the dining room in to the kitchen.

View from opposite corner looking into foyer and living room.

AmAzInG crown, tray ceilings, arches and columns! Compliments of my extremely talented, and rather handsome, husband! :)
That's the grand tour of our dining room. David and I used our income tax return from our first year of marriage to purchase our dining room furniture. We loved it 7 years ago and are still very happy with it. I thought I might want to buy a hutch or buffet to match, but when we got moved in, I really liked just having the table. The only decorations I have in here are the arrangement, and mirror with sconces.
Even though we don't have 3 meals a day in this room, we have some wonderful memories of holidays and special occasions we have shared with family and friends..... and we have plans for lots more!

And now for a little tour of the master..... one week late! :)

I got this bedding at TJ Maxx and found a couple of solid pillows that I liked to go with it. You can't see it, but my absolutely favorite thing about this room, is our memory foam mattress topper that my in-laws got us a few years ago! It has truly changed my life.... forever! :) (I know, I'm kind of dramatic sometimes!) BTW: I HATE our lamps! I got them at Dollar General 100 years ago and am dying for new ones..... but just haven't found the perfect ones yet! Suggestions?
My mom came to stay with me for several days after we moved in, and boy did I put her to work! I had been eyeing this fabric at Hobby Lobby, so I used a 40% off coupon and saved over $100 on it! We made these "LuXuRiOuS" curtains and SHE made the matching pillows for my bed.... Thanks Momma! I will gladly make some curtains and pillows for Macey someday when she grows up..... with my stapler and hot glue gun! haha

And finally, these pics were taken when Barrett was about 3-4 weeks old. I love them! I am so glad I have these sweet pictures of my precious babies frozen in time! We have a matching armoir and chest of drawers that match our bed, but I am so not into the accessories I have on them, that I left them off! But just imagine the most amazingly decorated chest and armoir and we can both pretend that's what my master BR looks like! :)
Thanks for coming over! I have big plans for several posts this week... and to continue showing you my home next Friday!


  1. Your dining room is stunning! I love the colors and love that floral arrangement, it's beautiful! The hardwood floors are amazing, everything is just beautifuL!

  2. i love your dining room - the arches are amazing! i am going to have to show my parents your room -they are in the process of building their dream house!

  3. I love your dining room, and the paint color is great!

  4. i love your dining room! what is the color on the walls? we are moving in a week or so, and i love that! thanks for sharing!

  5. Cute. Cute. Cute. Love that red!

  6. They have nice lamps at Fred's stores. A friend sent me there a couple years ago and I found some inexpensive ones that look really nice. At different times of the year they have large artwork, pottery or lamps. Check it out!

  7. love the archways, the red walls, and the floors look great!

  8. wow, are dining rooms look a whole lota like lol! Red walls...mirror on the wall...and dining room set almost a match. Too funny :)

  9. Beautiful Home you have, very nicely decorated.