Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taste and See that the Lord is Good!

Welcome to the heart of our home! This week at, we are giving kitchen tours. I love, love, love that my cooking has improved so drastically in the 8 years I have been married to David! In our first house, I really couldn't have cared less if we even had a kitchen. I was so like a bachelor.... just give me one of those dorm fridges and a microwave and I was SET! ... There was a time when I really disliked cooking because I was so bad at it. I mean, who wants to eat 5,419 casseroles and rubbery, dry chicken? That was all I could cook!

We used to have this Monday night fear factor, spaghetti tradition when Katie, my sis, was going to school at Tech. She would come over and hang out with us and watch it. My spaghetti tasted sooooo good, back then.... but you should taste it now! :) I have really learned to love cooking and have become pretty good. The cooking standard in my family has always been my Grandma Hartshorn. When Macey tells me that a meal is as good as Grandma's, I know it is!

Ok. So now for the tour where the magic happens! :)

This is the view walking in from the garage. David picked out our wood floors and I must admit that I was a tad sceptical.... but I love them now!

This is the counter on the left side. I have had the cute "C" for maybe a year. Every time I try to hang it, it falls off the wall because there are two holes on the back.... and for the life of me, I can't get my nails to line up to hang it! I started threatening Dave that I was going to glue it on with my hot glue gun if he wouldn't hang it for me.... Well, he got all of the stuff out and was really going to hang it, until he realized that the electrical box (with 9 trillion hot wires) was exactly in the same spot I wanted my "C".... so needless to say, another failed attempt. Finally, I had this brilliant idea.... 3M command strips! That's all I'm gonna say! Worked liked a charm.
This is counter to the right. The bar looks into the living room and breakfast nook. I love my beefy, cream cabinets but I am trying to bring some more color into the kitchen. I found these super cute paintings at TJ Maxx for .... um, $12.99 each! And they have been worth every cent!

Breakfast area. We said we didn't want a glass table.... and sure enough this was on sale and now we have a .... you guessed it, .... glass table! I would love to replace the glass with wood either stained or painted to match.... we'll see! The door leads out to the deck.

Living room view from breakfast area and bar.

I can't really handle a ton of things on my refrigerator, so my friend Sara helped me come up with this brilliant idea. She had a frame she had gotten on sale for super cheap and I had a piece of sheet metal cut to fit it. It hangs in the little hallway that leads to the pantry and the master bedroom right off the kitchen. We have lots of Christmas pictures and art work on display!

Last, but not least.... my two assistants! Macey and Barrett were lots of help.... when they weren't eating the lettuce plain!
Thanks for coming over! Check back often this week.... I have lots to blog about! :)


  1. Chrissy,
    I love your kitchen!!! The floors are gorgeous and the cabinets and granite look lovely together. I am following you after seeing your like to Kelly's Korner. Just wanted to say hi : )

  2. oops that should have said link!

  3. You have a gorgeous kitchen! I love the white cabinets. It really looks nice and home-y. The framed sheet metal is brilliant!

  4. I have the same kitchen/breakfast/family room as you. Could you share your paint color? I currently have white cabinets with a gold-beige paint color. I am changing my cabinets to cream and must decide on wall paint. Thank upon for any advice!!